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One of the biggest things about us is that we genuinely love Jesus Christ and submit ourselves under his leading, chastening, and guiding. We don't just talk about this life, we live this life! Knowing Him, we realize that He has a heart and a purpose for every relationship that we join in. In contrast, the world portrays relationships to be disposable, half-hearted, and self-seeking, all characteristics that go against how God intended for relationships to operate. 

So, we seek to break the mold and destroy the faulty template that has been playing over and over again in our families, friends, and social media. We desire to offer ourselves as vessels to the Lord to display the true heart of His love and His design for healthy unions! 

We met in the Fall of 2014, in a public speaking class at the University of West Georgia while we both were Sophomores. 

Isn't it crazy how God is so specific and purposeful that He had Cameron and I meet each other in a class that we would both be putting to use together in our future marriage?! 

We began courting in the Winter of 2015, were engaged in the Winter of 2016, and were married on August 11, 2017 at the ages of 22. 

During our courtship, we began our youtube Channel and called it, " Fighting for the Final Marriage". This name has a two-fold meaning to it. The first facet is the idea that we fight and we sacrifice to have the only physical marriage that we ever plan to have. We reject the idea and option of divorce and the lack of commitment that is prevalent in our society. Instead, we seek God for direction and healing so that we are a strong unit when we join together versus a broken one, doomed to fail. The second facet and the most important is the desire to fight for and choose Jesus. We believe that soon, Jesus will return for His bride and we want to be ready and presented to Him without spot or wrinkle when He does. This will require an inward fighting and dying to our own flesh and will with the goal of the Final Marriage with our creator!


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